Our films

The 8-Bit Philosophy 3 The Joy of Retro Gaming 


A film documentary about the modern age retro gaming. This is our new production and is currently in development. We will add information about it here. Stay tuned .


written and directed by: Konstantin Stuerz
production design: Martin Assengajmer and John Koelz


The 8-Bit Philosophy 2 - the good and the bad guys

A film documentary about the Commodore 64 (and Amiga) cracking scene in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the early years of the commodore 64 cracker feed the masses with their cracked versions of computer games. In this sequel to The 8-Bit Philosophy we dive deep into the minds of famous C64 cracker like Bacchus of Fairlight or Injun of Triad. Witness their story, why they  cracked protected computer games, were hated by the software industry and hunted by the police.


The 8-Bit Philosophy 2 - the good and the bad guys- had its world premiere at the University of Zurich/Switzerland in March 2017. It also was screened in Saarbruecken/Germany at Revision 2017, the worlds biggest demo scene event, with great success. Afterward we presented the film at the worlds biggest computer games exhibition gamescom 2017 in Cologne/Germany in August 2017. The film got released worldwide by >groupees.com< on the 1st September 2017  (until 15 September 2017) and was part of the 'Remute XX' bundle.

Since the 1st of December our film is finally available at Amazon (Germany and USA). Please see links below. Have fun to watch our production, and please rate it high, we put a lot of work in it.


written and directed by: Konstantin Stuerz
production design: Martin Assengajmer and John Koelz

music by: Markus Schneider

The 8-Bit Philosophy - a commodore 64 symphony


A film documentation about commodore 64 game music. Dive back in time with this cult film documentary Shining Movie Vision produced 2008. Hear the stories of great musicians like Chris Huelsbeck, Thomas Detert, Reyn Ouwehand and Allister Brimble. How they choose the c64 as their instrument to express themselves trough SID tunes.
The 8-Bit Philosophy was broadcast by German TV Station 3sat and ZDF in August of 2008 (the TV Version) . And it had its world premiere later in Stockholm/Sweden in September 2008 at a Back in Time Live concert.
In 2009 the film was part of an art exhibition called 'Schoepfung Digital' and was shown in Halle/Germany for over a month. It was screened on a big screen open air at the Isle of Art in Vienna/Austria in summer 2009 as part of digital film festival Vienna, called 'frameout'.
In 2010 it was shown at the Vintage Computer Festival Munich before it went to be shown in Lisboa/Portugal in 2011 at the FestivalMau.

There are three different version of the film. The so called 'long cut' is approx. 40 minutes long, the 'short cut' is only 21 minutes long, this version was screened at Back in Time Live in 2008 and the 'german dubbed TV version' which is approx. 27 minutes long and was broadcast in Germany/Austria/Swiss in August of 2008.

You can watch the short cut >here< for free.

You can watch the long cut >here<or free.

You can watch the german TV version >here< for free.

written and directed by: Konstantin Stuerz

music composed by: Ketil 'Hazel' Jensen

production design: Martin Assengajmer


(c) 2008-2012 by Shining Movie Vision and Konstantin Stuerz

Film Makers (aka Filmemacher) - creators of their own universe


A film documentary about passionate film makers. Explore with Shining Movie Vision the depths of film making.
See the stories of Uwe Boll, Brian Yuzna, The Asylum, Christian Ditter, Christian Becker and many more. What drives them to be a film maker? How they managed to produce and direct their films? What does it take to be a film maker?


This film answers all those questions and many more.

duration: approx. 59 minutes language: German

You can watch the whole film >here< for free.


written and directed by Konstantin Stuerz

music by Markus Holler

production design by Martin Assengajmer


(c) 2010-2012 by Shining Movie Vision